Drôle de Frimousse (Funny Face) 50th Anniversary edition

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Re: Drôle de Frimousse (Funny Face) 50th Anniversary edition

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Quelqu'un a t-il parmi vous acquis le Blu ray ?
Je suis assez étonné par le commentaire sur ce site alors que les caps sont très belles sur dvdBeaver : http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Funny-Fac ... 33/#Review

Addendum: After this review was published, I was contacted by several viewers who advised me that, at larger sizes, the image on the Funny Face Blu-ray revealed significant problems. To confirm these reports, I asked a trusted colleague with access to state-of-the-art projection systems to view the disc and report back. (Readers familiar with my previous reviews should be able to guess his identity.) The report was disheartening. While the colors and densities remained impressive, the integrity of the image disintegrated at larger sizes. What I had seen was a neatly engineered electronic illusion designed for smaller screens. Usually, such things reveal themselves on my 72" display, but apparently this time that size wasn't sufficient (or I wasn't paying close enough attention).

Because I trust my colleague's report, I am dropping the video score by two points and the overall score by one point. My apologies to anyone who was misled. It's still a wonderful film and, on smaller displays, the Blu-ray should provide an acceptable viewing experience.
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